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Tours destinations and snorkeling in Key West


The Miami to Key West tour destination

After seeing how beautiful everything was beginning to get, our anticipation of making it to the destination of our Miami to Key West tour was palpable! The tour bus had made a pit stop at about the halfway point which was a good thing because my wife and I were starting to get a little bit hungry.

So we just grabbed a couple of light snacks to eat at a service station and we were back on our way. We arrived in Key West at approximately 11 o'clock in the morning. We thought that this was just fantastic because it meant we were going to have a lot of time to spend on this marvelous tropical getaway during our Key West tour.

Once we got on the island it was unbelievable how much there was to do on such a little bit of real estate! We had so many options that we really didn't even know where to start. But we figured we wanted to see the Southernmost Point of the continental United States of America first.

This was a really neat experience for us considering that we are from the most northwestern region of the continental United States. So we took a lot of photographs of ourselves with the marker and then we set off to find other things that we could do.

So we took a walk down to Duval Street and we stopped at a tourist information booth. From talking to the tourist information guide we discovered that there are almost as many Key West tours to do as there were Miami tours to do.

After looking over our many different options we decided that since we are in Key West the thing to probably do would be some snorkeling. So we signed up for a snorkeling Key West tour. We took a taxi cab over to Fort Zachary Beach which we were told was the best beach for Key West snorkeling.

The snorkeling key west tour was unbelievable. The clarity of the water was like we were looking through air instead of liquid. There were so many different colored fish and the reefs, the rocks, and the coral we're just amazing. We spent the better part of two hours snorkeling and we just had a phenomenal time.

However we did see one very dangerous sea creature. We were swimming along and we saw a small jellyfish with long tentacles. We asked snorkeler guide about the jellyfish and she said it was a Bot Jellyfish. This is the most venomous jellyfish in north America. We were warned to stay away from it.

As dangerous as this species of jellyfish is, it is still a wondrously beautiful thing to look at. After hours snorkeling adventure and our close brush with agonizing pain, it was time to go do a little eating and drinking at some of Key West's famous bars and restaurants. The Miami to Key West bus driver who brought us down recommended that we have lunch at a place called Blue Heaven.

So we decided to stop there. It was a very unique restaurant that is in an area of Key West called Bahama Village. It was a great recommendation because the food was extraordinary. Also the atmosphere was very pleasing. We sat outside and there were chickens, dogs, and cats running around free, so it was definitely a different kind of dining experience.

It was a very eccentric and fun place to eat and the food was exceptional. From there we went to drink at a few of the famous bars on Duval Street like Sloppy Joe's the Hog's Breath Saloon and the Bull.

After all that, it was time to go to Sunset Celebration which is a big gathering that they have every day on the island of Key West by locals and tourists alike in Mallory Square to watch the sunset. Sadly when that was over it was then time for us to depart. Our Miami to Key West tour had me and my wife reeling.

We truly fell in love with Key West, Florida as much as Miami Beach maybe even a little bit more. We are now in serious talks about moving to Key West after our totally unexpected tour to the island.