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Miami to Key West Tour

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Miami to Key West Tour (Round-Trip)

Transprortation services traveling from Miami to Key West, tours and activities.

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Miami to Key West Tour $49 -----
Jet Ski Rental and/or Tour in Key West $139 $124 Original Price = $139
Glass Bottom Boat in Key West $65 $60 Original Price = $139
Parasailing in Key West $45 $40 Original Price = $139
Snorkeling in Key West $45 $40 Original Price = $139
Shuttle Round-Trip Miami to Key West $49 -----
Shuttle Round-Trip From Key West to Miami $49 -----
Shuttle 1 Way From Key West to Miami $39 -----
Shuttle 1 Way From Miami to Key West $39 -----

From Miami to Key West: Traveling Both Cities Made Easy

Traveling is a fleeting fantasy for anyone. Because people are constantly searching for both adventure and new experiences, traveling has always been something considered as a great experience. In the United States, one of the states that capture the imagination of travelers is the state of Florida. Nicknamed the Sunshine State because of its signature tropical weather, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations out there. There are so many potential destinations to go to in this state. 2 cities that stand out are Miami and Key West. If you are traveling, is it a great idea to take a trip from Miami to Key West on the same day?

On paper, this sounds like a no-brainer. After all, both Miami and Key West are incredibly interesting destinations in their own right. Both are coastal cities so they boast of picturesque coastlines, stunning beaches, and clear waters. Key West, best known for being the southernmost locale in the USA, is considered as a cultural and natural hotbed, with its bevy of museums and wildlife reserves. Miami, on the other hand, is best known for its diverse culture and incredible nightlife. While both cities offer contrasting tour possibilities, it’s very conceivable that anyone would love to travel to both cities.

However, the distance from Miami to Key West is considered to be an issue for some. But to just clarify, the distance between the 2 is not enough to derail you from enjoying being on both cities. This is because this distance, 161.4 miles to be exact, is not all that far away when you think about it. Travel agencies surely think so, as different tours have already sprouted that feature both of these cities. Equally amazing, some of these tour packages allow you to take a good spin on both cities, all within one day! You can check halfpricetourtickets.com for more information.

Depending on the type of tour package you are going to avail, there are 2 means of travel, by land or by sea. Land travel is usually done by bus. And depending on how you will avail of such tours, either you can privately hire a bus together with your family and friends and have a private tour, or you can join a tour together with other travelers and enjoy the sights and sounds of both cities together. Sea travel means your primary means of transportation is by boat. Boats can range from ferries to cruises, and they are known for their faster travel times. Included in these tour packages are a guided trip around both cities, allowing you to do various activities such as diving, eating local cuisine, and visiting different tourist destinations.

Traveling in Miami and Key West should always be a part of any serious trip within the state of Florida. Being able to travel both cities is now made easier than ever, thanks to the many tour packages from Miami to Key West and back. It’s a simple, cost-efficient, and fun way to enjoy the best the Sunshine State has to offer.

Miami to Key West Distance: What It Means for the Tourist

Florida serves as home to some of the best seaside locales in all of America, and possibly worldwide. That, combined with their tropical weather all year round, has made it a go-to place for people ranging from tourists to those looking for somewhere to relocate to. While there are so many places someone can travel to while in Florida, 2 of the best places you can travel to are Miami and Key West. Of course, when planning any visit to multiple places, distance between the sites need to be considered. In this article, the Miami to Key West distance, as well as the possibilities for travel it presents, are going to be discussed.

Let’s say you are a non-resident of either city, you wouldn’t know why you should visit the 2 cities and go straight to a Miami-Key West trip, right? As said earlier, these 2 cities are 2 of the biggest attractions in Florida. Miami, the largest city in Florida and mostly considered as the state’s nightlife epicenter, boasts of a highly urbanized city where people of all ethnicities and nationalities converge. At the same time, Miami also boasts great gifts from nature such as the spectacular beaches and clear seas. Key West, on the other hand, is known as the southernmost part of continental United States. Aside from the beaches and Hispanic culture, there are a lot more sights to behold in this island city.

Miami and Key West possess some quirky and awesome destinations. So if you are a tourist and happen to visit to Florida, instead of choosing between Miami and Key West, why not choose both? After all, both cities offer a unique experience one can remember for a very long time. But again, the potential deal breaker on cross-town trips has always been the distance. So how long exactly is the distance Miami to Key West ? According to measurements, the distance between the 2 cities is measured at 161.4 miles. Sure, it is long, but it is definitely manageable enough that tours between the 2 cities can be done within a single day.

That said, there are many ways tour companies are able to carry people from Miami to Key West and then back. The most economical way of them is by bus. These buses can cover the entire distance between Miami and Key West within 3-4 hours without traffic. What’s more, you can enjoy the sights much better if you are going to travel this way. Another means of transportation that can be used in these tours is by ferry boat. Boats such as cruises and ferries are also known to have Miami-Key West routes, so that’s definitely an option as well. 

When you actually think about it, the trip from Miami to Key West  is actually not that much. One can easily travel between the 2 cities, tour all possible venues within the city, and still complete the trip all within one day. It looks like the distance between the 2 cities isn’t much of an adventure breaker after all.

For more information on Key West and other shuttle options click here.

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