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Things to do in Key West research review


Research on the Miami to Key West activities and things to do

In the past couple of years I have wanted to go traveling, but have never had the money to do it. This past month, I have finally put together enough money to check out the place I have done the most research on: Key West.

I know that it isn’t an island out in the middle of nowhere only accessible by boat, but it is still an island, and I have done enough research to know that it is an island of immense fun and relaxation.

It is a cheap getaway that has everything you need for an island vacation. I also like the fact that it isn’t too far away from the mainland, so that I know I’m not fully cut off from society or my family.

It wasn’t that hard for me to plan my trip. I was going to go from Miami to Key West by bus and that was that. Not a difficult decision really. It was the cheapest option and I get to drive through the Keys and see a bit of each of them. This was the beset decision I could have made because the drive down was beautiful! I loved it!

Going from Miami to Key West only took a few hours with a stop here and there along the way to check out the stores. It was really pleasant. There were a bunch of little shops that were run by the locals and are aimed at tourists. I know you’re supposed to fight the urge to go in them, but I couldn’t. They were full of signs, wood carving, glass, gifts, and trinkets. They are shops built for me, I could not resist the temptation of at least checking them out.

When I got there I jumped right into trying out everything I had been researching on it. I went snorkeling first as an introduction to the water, and then took a scuba diving lesson with th Key West tours staff. I was amazed that I was able to do it and that through all my planning and researching I was able to find amazing deals on packages for the trip from Miami to Key West.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scuba diving. It was really scary at first and I wasn’t sure I was in the best condition for it, having just spent so much time on a bus driving down, but I survived and saw beautiful things I had never before dreamt of seeing!

As part of my Key West tour schedule in the early evening I went to see the Hemingway House and the infamous cats that come with the territory. It was amazing to see that this piece of history was still there and that I was walking through the same house that Hemingway, himself, had walked through! It was weird, but delightful!

Another thing that was weird and delightful was the Ghost Key West Tours I decided to take to hear the ghost stories of the island and pick up on more of its history. They took me through the town on a lantern lit tour and the tour guides were very into their storytelling. I was enthralled!

I did so much more along the way and I was so happy to finally be able to do this! It is beyond exciting when a trip you had planned with hardly any hope of actually going finally comes true! I was finally able to experience this feeling!