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Taking Time to Dive in Key West


Diving spots all the way from Miami to Key West

Scuba diving is a great pastime when on a vacation or after needing a break from the everyday flow of life. You can take the time to yourself to focus and explore and throw everything else on the back burner.

The oceanic world below is full of historic treasures that pull at you as you swim further into the depths. Your mind makes sure to focus only on the dive site at hand, the gauges on your tank, and swimming deeper and deeper. The darkness begins to envelope you and you become lost to the sea world, a world entirely of its own.

There are many dive sites that can pull you in all around the world. They are big, small, and in between. They were sunk on purpose or by accident. They all have a story to be discovered. These sites can be found on almost any vacation along the water and the same is true for taking a leisurely trip from Miami to Key West, whether it be only due to looking for dive spots or scuba diving is just an add on to your journey.

Off of the Miami coast, there are numerous ships and army tanks that have been sunk for diving purposes or were used for diving purposes after the fact. The Sheri-Lynn, Half Moon Preserve, and DEMA Trader are all ships that have sunk near Miami. These can be explored and are mostly for experienced divers.

Army Tank #1 is a tank that was placed there in 1994 to remove from the land and to become a fabricated coral reef. There are more military dive spots located off of the coast, as well as through the Keys.

Going from Miami to Key West, there are mainly sunken ships near the islands for you to explore. There is a tug boat, a sand key, and a military ship near Key West that you can dive down to, as well as other dive spots and coral reefs to check out. Joe’s Tug is a small tug boat that sank on its own in the ocean.

The Sand Key is mainly for snorkeling in its shallow waters, but on the ocean side there are great diving sites to be seen. The USS Wilkes-Barre was reefed for exploration purposes to add excitement to journeys you want to take, You can add the snorkeling to the Key West tours for a one of a kind experience.

The dive spots located from Miami to Key West are easily accessible and are amazing sites. They are geared more towards experienced divers who know how to go deeper than most and can maneuver through the ships that are open for exploring. They are large and have many hallways to swim through.

The coral that has grown over and through them is amazing to see and the fish that inhabit the area are beautiful and exotic, as well. Take the time out of work to get the Key West tours into the water, swim freely, look into everything, and enjoy the wonders below the sea. Your mind will clear and open up and you will be able to relax and come back to the surface refreshed.