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See the Majesty of the Florida Keys by Bus


Traveling by bus from Miami to Key West

To be able to see one of the most interesting places in the country, one has to take a bus from Miami to Key West, Florida. The trip to the Key West will take four hours and will pass through numerous islands which are by themselves tourist destinations that many people would love to visit. Leaving Miami early in the morning, you can expect to reach Key West at lunch time stopping only to buy snacks or a restroom break. Upon your arrival, you can proceed to the famous southernmost spot of the country marked by a monument where visitors from all over the country converge to have their pictures taken. Beyond the monument is the sight of the open sea that makes you realize that you have arrived at the last stage of the long string of islands spread from Miami, Florida to the southern tip of the Continental United States. Across that open sea is Cuba, a foreign but familiar country which is only ninety miles away.

Taking the bus from Miami to Key West is just the start of a great adventure. This old southern confederate town has lots of fun to offer to its visitors and the entertainment options available are amazing. State officials have long recognized its value as a tourist destination and have allowed the city to be a favorite cruise ship destination. It is very likely that on your visit to Key West, there is a cruise ship or two anchored in the harbors of the city. Every month, there is a festival celebrated and the native folks enjoy these festivities with the visiting tourists. For example January is the month for the Key West Race Week, an international sailing competition. It will be nice if you have scheduled your trip to jive with the holding of this event.

Even without attending the scheduled festivals, one can enjoy many other entertainments offered by the city. Those who like historical places can visit the Old Town that boasts of old vacation houses and mansions that are centuries old. You can also visit the Museum of Art and History that is also located in the Old Town. Afterwards, one can visit the New Town where the modern malls, shopping centers, new residences, parks, and airport are located. After sightseeing, one can simply relax at the numerous beach parks with an open view of the sea.  

For those who love outdoor adventure, they can go snorkeling at the biggest live reef the world has ever seen. If you are interested in parasailing, you may do so but you should book your reservations a day before taking the bus from Miami to Key West. If you love to cruise in a Jet Ski at high speeds, rental services and Key West tours are available for this kind of sea adventure. The four hour bus trip back to Miami is usually scheduled at 6:00 O’clock in the evening so there is ample time for visitors to spend the six hours from 12:00 to 6:00 P.M. enjoying their bus trip to the Key West.