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Tours of the Best Attractions


Miami and Key West are two of the most popular tourist destinations of south Florida. Miami is a magnificent city located in mainland south Florida, while Key West is an island situated off the southern coastal waters of Florida. It is the last island of the Florida Keys and about 160 miles from Miami. Tourists can visit the website www.halfpricetourtickets.com to avail of varied discounted Miami to Key West tours. ‘Halfpricetourtickets’ is really popular with the tourist population. So stop waiting and book your tickets today!

A Miami to Key West bus tour is a really great way to check out the best attractions of the two tourist cities. Some of the major tourist attractions are listed below:

The Miami Attractions

Tourists can avail of Miami bus tours and check out the different sights and sounds of city. Friendly and knowledgeable guides will accompany the tourists during the tour and offer witty and interactive narration about the different places of interest in the city.

Tourists will get to check out the numerous museums, art galleries, performance arts centers, and sports arenas during bus tour. Shoppers will be delighted by tours to numerous malls in the city. A trip to the different neighborhoods such as Little Havana, Coral Gables, and other Miami attractions is also included in such tours. Adventure seekers can also go for tours to the Everglades sawgrass wilderness and enjoy sights of the fabulous subtropical jungles and its wild and exotic inhabitants.

The Key West Attractions

A Miami to Key West bus tour will include a ride across the picturesque Overseas Highway. Tourists will not only get to enjoy the pleasant weather, but also get to see miles and miles of crystal-blue waters, birds flying overhead, and the many islands of the Florida Keys. On the return trip, you can even catch sights of the mesmerizing sunset and its varied kaleidoscopic hues.

Key West is home to many tourist attractions. The Key West waters are home to the only living barrier reef in North America and several shipwreck sites. The bus tour will drop the tourists at the docking sites, from where tourists can go for scuba diving or snorkeling in Key West and explore the underwater wonders. Families with kids can go for the famed glass bottom boat tours. It allows the children to check out the colorful corals, the diverse fishes, and the exotic sea life without actually diving into the waters.

The island of Key West also has many land attractions. Key West has a very rich history, culture, and heritage. It is home to a few Civil War forts, several mansions built in the traditional Key West style architecture, the Key West lighthouse, and others. A Key West bus tour will also include trips to the many conservatories, butterfly sanctuaries, and stunning gardens in the island paradise, as well as the many museums such as the Ripley’s Museum, the Key West Shipwreck Museum, and the maritime museum. Have the time of your lives!