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Inspiration trip to Key West


Traveling from Miami to Key West for Inspiration

There was a time when I could not think of anything to write at all. I was stuck in a rut and had no idea where I was going with the projects I had started. My mind built a brick wall that I knew I could not knock down without taking major action. I wasn’t sure what that action was for a really long time.

I would stare at my computer screen for hours and nothing would come out of my finger tips. My roommate helped me brainstorm a list of things I could try (all legal and healthy) in order to move beyond the bricks and find what had been hiding in my brain. After making this list, I saw the answer I needed. I needed to take a little “me time” somewhere else.

I wanted to go to another country, Ireland maybe, but it was too far, too expensive and too much to plan. I wanted to go on a cruise, but money was an issue yet again. Though I was one step closer to the actual solution with that because then I knew I needed an island. I needed an island somewhere, anywhere really. That was when one of my friends suggested doing the Key West tours.

I had never really thought about it before, but it was a great idea! It was just far enough away and had the island atmosphere I needed to really feel like I was on vacation, but the trip wasn’t a hassle in any way. I could travel straight there from Miami to Key West and stop along the way. I could try some new things and enjoy the islands.

With these new experiences, I was able to see new colors. Colors are my inspiration. Scuba diving, I was able to see a whole new world just below the surface. I saw fish I never knew existed and wonderful coral reefs. I went snorkeling and just swimming through the crystal water, feeling weightless and free. I let all of my fears empty into the water and started to feel less angry at my writing and more open.

The drive from Miami to Key West also kept my mind occupied. I crossed multiple bridges, saw a lot of the islands that are connecting along the way, and found places to relax on the beaches.

I also did my research and discovered that many authors needed to go from Miami to Key West on a cheap, mini-vacation like myself. It gave me hope for my writing knowing that I wasn’t the only one suffering from this terrible writer’s block and that some of the greats, like Hemingway, had to do the same thing.

Going through the Key West tours saved my writing. I was able to focus on myself and fix myself for once. This helped my writing greatly. I was also fed inspiration from every sense during my travels. It was well worth the trip to find the island and help I needed right at my fingertips.

Key West is now one my favorite place to be, and I know that if I ever fall into this rut in writing again, I have a home among the waves just south from here with colors, life, and music galore to be the rope that pulls me out.