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Anniversary Trips to Key West


The Miami to Key West vacations with the Family

Recently, I took my parents on a vacation for their 25th anniversary with me and my sister. We let them have time to themselves, but I wanted to do something special for them and enjoy it a little bit, too. My sister and I aren’t very wealthy so we pooled some of our money together and started brainstorming ideas.

We really wanted to send them on a cruise because it has always seemed like a blast to us, but they are beyond expensive. We thought that staying in the states, on the mainland would be too lame.

They would enjoy themselves and all, but it didn’t seem right. When we were looking into typical vacation spots though, we did some research into Miami and found that you can take trips from Miami to Key West and it is neither too much money nor too much time to get there. So, we packed our bags and headed south.

We first stayed in Miami for a couple of days, enjoying the beaches as a family and then splitting up at night. My sister and I went to the bars and clubs and our parents went out to dinner and sometimes out dancing.

Miami was really enjoyable, but what we really wanted was the island. So we rented a car and drove down from Miami to Key West. It wasn’t a bad drive and no one killed each other on the way, thank God.

We were too stuck on the beauty of the islands as we drove through them, and how clear the water was as we drove over a million bridges to reach Key West. When we got there, we set up in a gorgeous hotel and then hit the beaches in search of a scuba diving instructor, ready to try to get the most out of the experience.

Mom just stayed on the beach tanning, while my dad, sister, and I learned all of the rules that go along with diving as part of the Key West tours itinerary. We had a blast! I never thought I’d ever get the chance to actually do this, or work up the courage to try it. My dad was very grateful for the experience, as well.

We found mom back at the hotel and we all went out to dinner together for the first night there. We had amazing, exotic fruits and dishes. The next morning, mom agreed to go snorkeling with us before they took off for a glass bottom boat trip and my sister and I prepared for the sunset celebration after this amazing Key West tours.

It was a lot of fun and we felt so good afterwards that we went out for a walk through the streets and checked out the island for a bit at night. There was more to do than we thought!

Overall, taking our parents on a trip from Miami to Key West for an anniversary present was a great success. We were able to be together as a family, but stay far enough apart that our parents got a little bit of an anniversary getaway at the same time. This place has it all, for all ages, and for all occasions. I loved it!